Why a regular Email Marketing Audit is so important.

Most brands should be generating at least 25 to 35% of their total revenue from email. If not, perhaps it's time to audit your email marketing activity and identify areas for improvement and opportunities.

An email marketing audit means checking in with your email strategy, campaigns, and overall account health. The main goal is to see what‘s working and what isn’t. Looking at the big picture and refocusing on your goals can lead to greater insights on your current activity and often you can find any untapped opportunities for improvement.

Here are five things I recommend as part of your email audit:

Performance Metrics

Pull together a summery of where you are now. This gives you a benchmark to work to and evaluate whether any changes you make based on your audit improve performance.

Key metrics such as open rates, click rates conversion rates and ROI will give you a straight forward comparison and you can then review when you made follow up adjustments to your strategy. Pay particular attention to any declines in these metrics over the past 3-6 months across both campaigns and automations.

List Health analysis

Evaluate the quality and cleanliness of your email lists and segments. Reviewing list growth, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates can identify any potential issues. It's also very important to evaluate your list engagement levels. Is it time to suppress some of your data that is not responding to campaigns? A decline in engagement can seriously impact your deliverability so regular maintenance is vital.

Content & Design Review

Analyse your email copy and design for relevance, quality and engagement. If you're using evergreen content through your automations, ensure these get a regular refresh inline with site developments and current range. Also double check that emails and responsive and mobile-friendly.

Automation & Workflow Evaluation

Look to analyse your email automations inline with your segmentation strategy. It's important to review the performance of these flows regularly and optimise as needed and also expand your automations as datasets and product range grows.

Deliverability and compliance assessment

Review any issues regarding email deliverability such as spam complaints and sender reputation. Also ensure that you are compliant and up to date with current laws and regulations.

An audit can provide invaluable insights into your email marketing activity and help you define an action plan, leverage what you have identified to work best and align with your broader business strategy.

If you are concerned about your current email performance and require assistance we are here to help! Contact CRM360 here: hello@crm360.agency